WIP Wednesday [Elizabeth]

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This little drawing was more of a free form don't put any pressure on myself kinda piece. You can kinda tell cause her eyes are huge, her nose is tiny, and she has crazy cheek bones. All of those features can be found repeated again and again in my work. 

I put scars on a lot of my girls not to show that they are weak, but really for just the opposite. I think that these girls are gorgeous, scars or no scars. They always have battles and back-stories for every mark I mar their face with, so please don't think of them as victims. Also, I think that in their culture they were scars with pride, much like warriors are apt to do.

In my head this little queen found a crown at an abandoned accessories shop one day, put it on, and declared herself leader. Leader of what, I have no clue, but she's proud of her title, and the other girls tent to follow her.  Maybe it's because the crown is shiny? (I should really learn how to work with gold leaf...)

And if you would like to own the original piece, please email me at jalesemann@gmail.com

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