gift guide [fangirl style] part two

Friday, December 13, 2013

And as promised, here is part two! I've been seeing gift guides all over the internet. So here is my contribution... with my own little spin. A gift guide for a few of the biggest fandoms. I won't hit them all (you'll see that I'm missing a wormhole traveling team, and a futuristic dystopian society where they pit kids against kids, for example), but I tried to get some ideas for what I thought were the big six.

If your gift getter flinches around lifelike angel sculptures, or often calls the strange things they are wearing cool (like bow ties, or fezzes), or apologizes by saying that they are "so, so sorry," then this is the section of the guide for you.

If they want to BE the Doctor, they should start out with this build your own Sonic Screwdriver kit. They also should have this TARDIS tent, or this K9 model.

There's this great Police Box dress from Black Milk, this 7th Doctor jumper, this adorable and subtle TARDIS shirt, or this words shirt. Then there's always this beautiful "Van Gogh" TARDIS painting.

As for gifts you can DIY, there's always the possibility of building a TARDIS replica, or making a Tom Baker scarf, or this cute River Song journal, or this awesome remake of the classic Guess Who game into a Doctor Who edition.

If your  gift getter knows the dangers of wearing a read shirt, or can tell you who the captains of all of the Enterprise's voyages were, then this is the section for you.

This shirt makes me giggle.

If they are into the more classic Star Trek, this inflatable chair is awesome, or there's this door chime (which makes the coveted woosh sound). Or these Spock ears.

I love this shot glass, and this set of glasses, or maybe this more sophisticated set. There's also this Stellar Cartogtraphy book, maps pulled from the archives of Starfleet Academy. And these socks, and this uniform shirt. Or this epic poster.

For DIY, there's this set of insignias, or you could make this "live long and prosper" hoodie, or this Star Trek chess set.

If you gift getter has hurt themselves in a lightsaber battle, or ever went to see a midnight showing of a movie that starts with a wall of text drifting off into the abyss, or will argue with you about who shot first, then this is the section of the guide for you.

You could get them this great X-Wing skirt, or one of these adult onesies, or these Han Solo leggings, or you could get them something from (you guessed it) Black Milk. My favorite is the Phett dress. Or you could just get them a Stormtrooper costume.

The prints from this shop are pretty cool, and there is this reaaally epic build your own lightsaber kit. There's also this popsicle Lightsaber kit, or this Han Solo in carbonite ice tray.

And for DIY there is this simple fleece Yoda hat, this Stormtrooper cutout shirt, or this Death Star ornament.

I hope this was helpful in some way! Be sure to check out Part One as well, where I talked about gifts for fans of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I hope whatever you get, you have a very FANtastic Christmas!


  1. LOVE the Doctor Who guide! My little sis and I love that show, she will be receiving a fair amount of Who gear for Christmas this year and these are some great additions :)

    1. Awesome! I love Doctor Who too. It's just so much fun. :)


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