Friday, December 13, 2013

Human by Christina Perri on Grooveshark

I put up my tiny pink Christmas tree.
My scarf curtains. Held together by safety pins. Cause I'm a pro like that.
Stormy sitting in our new throne like a boss.
Already thinking about wedding flowers. Baby's breath will defiantly be in there. Got these from the lady that is going to do my flowers!

Tee Hee. Odin loves having a toy on his head. I promise.
It snowed, I had to go outside. Decided to brave it without socks on. I felt very awake after that, thats for sure!
I got a little bored, and made tiny paper cranes.
Playing with a fisheye app. Love those flowers.

A sketch of a brave little red head.
Our gingerbread house! I can't help but love creepy things. Even in the middle of December.

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