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Monday, January 12, 2015

My mom made all of my prom dresses. All four years that I went. So it was always a given that we would be making my wedding dress. Whenever I found a dress I liked, I was able to pick it apart and take note of the elements that made the dress stand out to me. The result of all of these years of dress gazing was that I was able to design my dress to be exactly what I wanted, and go through the (literally) blood, sweat, and tears to get it made. 

We bought the fabric at Jackmans in St. Louis. We had gone into the store with a plan, but after experimenting with the fabric we realized that we didn't like the lace was going to hang. So we sat down right there and redesigned the whole skirt, going by a sketch I had done two years ago.

Next my mom made the pattern. And when I say made, I really mean frankenstiened together. Using a base for the actual dress (Vogue 8997) and another base for the train (Vogue 2788) and the measurements we learned when we made the trial dress (over 10 inches had to be added). This is the part where we I tell you that my Mom is basically the most fantastic ever. (Oh, because not only was she doing this, but she was also making all three of the bridesmaid's gowns.) (She volunteered to do all this, because she's basically Superwoman.)

Then it was all hands on deck. My grandma came up, and she, my mom, and I cut, pinned, and sewed our little hearts out.

The result was stunning. A dress from my dreams, come to life. I am seriously humbled by the love that was poured into this gorgeous creation. 

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