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Thursday, January 15, 2015

 How can I put into words how absolutely and wonderfully cheesy a traditional wedding ceremony can be? I really can't. The wedding was the point where instead of having my hands in ALL of the pies, like I had been up until about two hours before, I was forced to focus on the experience, and live in that very moment. Other people dealt with the stuff which required thinking. I was just there to stare into the eyes of the man I loved. (To the point of creepy, honestly.)
I was VERY lucky (seems like that's the theme of my whole wedding, but seriously, I was so blessed throughout the whole event) and was able to have two talented photographers at my wedding, both with very unique styles. The resulting pictures have helped me remember that day, which is very helpful, because honestly it was all of a kind of euphoric blur.
The wedding wasn't perfect. Me and the man couldn't get our unity candle lit, our soloist couldn't get through the song because she was crying (aww), and a few other things happened that made everyone who was attending laugh, which was perfect. I love that people were casual enough to enjoy every bit of that day. And I especially love the mishaps, because those are the things that really stick in my mind. They're some of the most memorable moments of that day.

(Recognize that pattern? My grandmother used the invitation design to make the banner!)
Above photos are by Christian Unser.

My ring is from GraceWaltersDesigns on Etsy.
Adams ring is from RobandLean on Etsy.
(His has dinosaur bone in it. How cool is that!?)

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