C2E2 Artist Alley Round Up: Part 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I found so many amazing artists at C2E2 that there's no way I'd be able to fit them all into one post, so I've decided to do a mini series! Today I'm showing you guys four artists with a beautiful, flowing style that features soft line work with bright pops of color. The pieces all work well together, but every artist defiantly has their own style!

First up is Gawki, who is a concept artists and illustrator. I love the use of color and the fantastical style!

Next is Newsha Ghasemi, who does a little bit of everything. I've seen a lot of Art Nouveau inspired work, but these take the cake. The details are gorgeous, and if you put this work next to a Mucha you'd see little difference.

Another artist who's booth kept enticing me was Kiki Jenkins. The soft lines, bright colors, and beautiful portrait subjects made me want to own everything on display.

The last artist I'm featuring is a little different, with work that is based in a watercolor look, as opposed to digital. Kelly McKernan creates lovely pieces featuring mostly female subjects. She uses unique techniques to give her work striking textures. And the way she portrays hair takes my breath away. (Warning: her gallery is lovely, and in no way crude, but it is NSFW)

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