DIY: Floral Place Cards

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Okay, this is a super easy and super cheap (if you shop at the right places) craft to do to make your dinner party just a bit fancier. And after your party is done, guests can take home this little arrangement and use it a cute decoration!


(I got most of these things from the dollar store, 
so in the end this craft costs about $10.)

fake flowers
floral foam
paper (I used watercolor paper)
wire cutters (optional)

1. Cut your flowers, leaving about 1 inch of stem. (If you're going to use scissors, make sure it's an old pair.) If you're lucky enough to have wire cutters, I suggest using them. Don't throw away the leftover leaves! You'll need them to fill out your arrangement.

2. Measure your floral foam. (Side note: the foam is messy. Make sure to work somewhere that's easy to clean!) Cut the paper so it will be about half an inch taller than your foam. It's easiest if you can cut one long strip. Use a pencil to mark where the edges will end, and fold the paper into a frame, making sure to overlap on one side.

3. Wrap the paper "frame" around your foam, as tight as you can. I used clear tape on the outside to fasten the paper. It's not very elegant, but trying to tape inside while the foam block is in there is super annoying.

4. Pick your flowers and start poking them into the foam! I used a large flower placed to the side to take up most of the arrangement, making it a focal point. Then I placed leaves and the small green flowers to fill up the extra space.

5. Cut a square card, write the name, and set it into the arrangement. And you're done! Simple, right?

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