Cake and an Announcment

Sunday, June 4, 2017

If you've read this blog long enough you'll know that I've got a huge crush on Katherine Sabbath's cakes. I've always wanted to try my hand at making one, so I decided the other day that life had given me a good enough reason to bake some sort of creative monstrosity. So here's my newest addition to the long line of weird looking baking I've featured on this blog.

The flavor of this cake was actually totally inspired by my go to Cold Stone ice cream order. The inside is two layers of vanilla cake with a layer of Butterfingers in the middle, and the outside is chocolate icing dyed black. The bark is made of white chocolate, with a recipe that I borrowed from Katherine Sabbath's own web page. (Be sure to check it out, it will have you drooling and running to the store to buy white chocolate). As is the tradition with this blog, and my baking in general, it looks a bit odd, but it tastes pretty good.

So I know that it's not strange for the inside of my cakes to be blue. I would dye all my food blue if I could get away with it. BUT this time there's a reason. This time I've dyed the inside of my cake blue specifically to tell the blog world that... It's a BOY!!

Sweet, huh? I can't get over that adorable profile. I've been pregnant for about 5 months now, and things have been going really well so far. I've been lucky enough to not have to deal with morning sickness, and as far as cravings go I have just wanted to eat a lot of cottage cheese, bacon, and fruit. And raspberry lemonade. Oh, and there was a week when I ate a lot of Starbursts.

We are currently working on a remodel of the upstairs so we can fit everyone into our tiny house. So far, as it usually goes with any sort of large scale house project, we've run into more problems than solutions. But we've got four months to work everything out, whether we like it or not! I'm confident that we'll get everything done, and this boy will have the cutest little nursery. 

My husband and I are nervous but excited for our little monster to be born. I can't wait for all the awesome new memories our family will make. Do you have any advice for the upcoming months?


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