Big Mac Horseshoe

Friday, July 28, 2017

Disclaimer: This post is absurd. I'm am aware at the level of ridiculousness that I have hit and I've decided to just keep running full force. That being said, please don't take this post seriously. Unless you seriously love Big Macs. And horseshoes.

Another Disclaimer: McDonald's didn't pay me. Also they own the Big Mac. And a lot of the branding in this post.

So around these parts (aka the Missouri/Illinois area) we have this dish we like to serve called the horseshoe. The basic recipe is two slices of bread with two beef patties on top, open face. Cover with fries and cheese. It's a good, hearty, indulge yourself meal, especially if you get a fancy one with all the fixins. 

There are a few programs for the library teens that I've wanted to do for years. One of them was a kind of challenge: could you make a horseshoe out of fast food meals? This little idea fried (har har puns) itself in my brain about two years ago and won't go away, so the other day I decided to try a proof of concept. Thus: the Big Mac horseshoe was born.

The secret? Ask for the secret sauce on the side.Then peel apart your burger and put it all back together. Buns, patties, fries, secret sauce, and then all the toppings. 

Verdict... was it yummy? Yes. I mean, it's still a Big Mac in the end, and as long as you like Big Macs then you'll be pleased. Was it worth the time? Probably not, but it made me giggle. Should McDonald's add it to their menu? Um... sure.... it's not like they'd have to buy any more ingredients. They'd actually save money, cause honestly, that middle bun was just in the way. Would anybody eat it? Well... it's not the prettiest girl at the ball, but I'm sure some adventurous teen would brave it.

Honestly, it seems more like the kind of food Hardee's would serve. But for a teen program? Yeah, I think this would work perfectly. Now I've just got to go on a fast food scavenger hunt.

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