Pennant Placecard

Monday, June 29, 2020

These pennant place cards were simple to put together and can double as a party favor! 

Hot Glue Gun

1: Cut out your pennants. I made mine small enough that I could cut them all out of two sheets of felt. About 3 inches at the top by 6 inches to the point.

2: Cut out your letters and stars. I suggest drawing out your stars first. I freehand cut them and you can definitely tell! I tell myself it adds to the charm.

3: Hot glue the decorations onto your pennants. Ro helped me place the decorations so there were a few pennants that had backward letters. I was so focused on gluing that I didn't notice until everything was dry. Doh!

I love the way these turned out! Using the red and blue color scheme gives them a very Americana feel, making they are a perfect DIY for the 4th of July. But with a simple switch of colors, they could work for any holiday, birthday, or even a wedding! I can just picture them with a yellow base and blue decorations. Man, I might have to make another set! 

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