Firework Poppers DIY

Friday, July 3, 2020

Originally the plan for this DIY was just to make "reusable fireworks" by making them into a pushup pop. Then after I created it I realized all it needed was a cone on top to make it look like an actual firework! I love it when DIYs evolve into something better while you are creating them.

Paper Towel Rolls
(That link is to an Amazon listing but I found mine in our local grocery store.)
Colorful Paper
Ribbon, Fabric, or String

Step 1: Cut your tube. The long side should be approximately 6.5 inches long.

Step 2: Cut out the pieces for the ends of the tube. Cut down the side of the leftover tube, making a flat piece of cardboard, then trace the end of your tube twice, putting some distance between the circles. You want the two pieces to resemble the template above, one circle with tabs and a large hole in the middle, another that's just a circle. When the circle without tabs is cut out you will need to add two holes that the straw can fit through. When you are done it should look like a button.

Step 3: Attach the end of the tube. Attach the circle with tabs to the end of your tube by folding up the tabs and taping them to the outside of the tube.

Step 4: Make the "fireworks". Extend the straw and fold it. Tie your ribbon to the bend of the tube. I went for a more primitive look with torn fabric scraps for the one I'm showing, but I also used gift wrap ribbon for one and it was just adorable. 

Step 5: Add your stopper. Insert the two sides of the straw into the holes in the cardboard circle. Slide it up as far as it will go, then tape the two straws together. You can use this circle as a base for taping on more decorations if you wish.

Step 6: Make the cone for the top of your firework. Cut a circle out of colored paper. Cut a slit to the middle of the circle, then bring the edge of the slit around until you've made a cone shape. Tape it when you have created the size of cone you want. 

Step 7: Decorate your firework. Wrap a piece of paper around your tube. Cut the paper so it overlaps when wrapped around the tube. The top of the paper should sit flush with the top of the tube, while the bottom of the paper should hang over about a half-inch.
When this is done cut a small strip of paper about 1 1/2 inches long. Fold this in half. Tape one half to the inside of the tube, and the other half to the inside of the cone. This topper will have to be pushed to the side when the firework is popped, so keep that in mind when attaching it.

Step 8: Load your firework. Slide the popper into the firework straw side down, pulling the straw through the slit at the bottom. Pull until the stopper hits the bottom. Tuck the ribbon into the tube and put the lid on.

These poppers are removable and make excellent wands for dancing! Ro ran all over our yard with them, and then used them to decorate our fence!

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