Bug Stamps DIY

Monday, August 31, 2020

These are a DIY version of this adorable Bug Stamp Set you can get from Moon Picnic. Using simple supplies and an afternoon of work I created my own set with all sorts of options for making creative and sweet little bugs!

Sticky Back Foam Sheets
Ink Pad

Step one: Stick your foam together.
You want your stamp to be at least two pieces of foam thick, so you will need to take the back off of one piece, line it up, and carefully press it on top of another piece.

Step two: Draw your bug parts.
On the paper side of your foam pile draw various bug shapes including bodies, heads, wings, legs, and antennae! Print the picture above and cut out the shapes you like if you need a pattern!

Step three: Cut out your stamps and place them on the cardboard.
Make sure you place the pieces far enough apart that you have room to cut them out. When you're putting on the legs or antennae remember to leave enough room for the body and head! If you want on one of the stamps to have texture use a sharp pencil to draw or poke your pattern. For stripes, you want to make sure there is space between every line.

Step four: Cut out your stamps!
I tried to follow the shape of the piece so placement would be easier when you are stamping!

Mixing and matching these little stamps give you endless possibilities for bug creations! For the bugs here we just used a black stamp pad. The layering of ink made some really neat designs! Ro and I both had a lot of fun creating our very own insects. It's easy to store, and a great toy for rainy days.

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