Ten [CAR CAR] Things...

Monday, September 7, 2020

Monster's first word was "cat." We have two of them, so that wasn't a big surprise. Then we got out our little IKEA blocks that come in a wagon, and bought a book all about wheels. So his second word was "car" and for a long time it seemed he might have decided that he can just stop there.
Unsurprisingly, we are all about cars in this house. Of course this means I spend a fair amount of time looking for cute car toys and car toy accessories. There are some that I buy right away, but many more get put on my "in my dreams" list, so I decided that a ten things was a perfect place to share them with you.

This road toy is so cool! It is durable and can be used almost anywhere. 

This road tape could turn any drab old kitchen into an epic town.

This Etsy shop sells colorful shirts that double as a road map! Let your kid play while you enjoy a (hopefully) soothing back rub!

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