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Monday, September 14, 2020

Hello! As you've recently learned, we are all about cars in this house. In my constant quest to find the perfect road toy, I came up with the idea of interchangeable square map pieces that could potentially build the most epic road map ever. I used the little bit of free time I have to create a simple rendition of my idea and after we played with them for a day it was deemed good enough to share.

This kit includes 13 different .pdfs. There are 4 variations of straight road, a roundabout, a 4 way stop, a railroad crossing, and many other pieces that will help you make an awesome map. I kept the design for everything simple to encourage kids to decorate them however they wanted!

We ended up making a map that filled our living room, but with this particular type of map the possibilities are literally endless. If you want to download your own map scroll to the bottom of the page!

Download the Road Printable .pdfs here!

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