Lemon Book Basket

Monday, June 28, 2021

I love lemons. A real, true love. The kind of love where you buy a lemon tree, kill it, then buy another one and keep it alive for three years and harvest multiple lemons off of it. I swear the lemons from my tree are better than others, but it could just be wishful thinking... 
Anyways, I knew that I would need to do a lemon book basket at some point. There's too many sweet books out there that feature the subject to not do it. I always try to include books that are well written, engaging, and have beautiful illustrations, and every book in this basket checked all of the boxes! I also included a simple little activity to practice some measuring that's perfect for a toddler or preschooler. It's an ideal book basket for the warm summer months!

For our activity I bought some cheap yellow sponges from the dollar aisle and cut them to look like lemons. Whenever we sat down to "make lemonade" I saturated the sponges and put them into a container. I also set out a glass, some sugar, and some measuring spoons. First he would squeeze the "lemons" to get all of the juice out, then we would add a measurement of sugar and stir it up. 

Books we read:

He had a ton of fun making his own "lemonade." In the end I think there was more sugar than water in the cup, and his hands were a sticky mess, but we had a great time and had a sneaky math lesson, too!

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