I resolve...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(I have all of these little doodles handing above my desk.)

1. Take more photos. For my birthday last year my boyfriend got me a digital camera. It wasn't one a REALLY nice one, but it was a pretty good upgrade from the one that I had. And it's good enough for the amount of pictures I take on a weekly basis... which is none. So I resolve to take more pictures this year. And to do things that are worth taking photos of.

2. Read. Funnily enough, sometimes librarians don't have enough time to read.

3. Publish a book.  If you want to be technical about it, I've actually published 3 books. But those were all "limited editions." I would like to write/illustrate a kids book, and then mass produce it and sell it independently.

4. Do and Die... this is just my code for "finish all of the video games that I've got on my list." Which is a lot.

5. Have a gallery show. So this is a little fact that not many people know about me: I've actually got a pretty sweet studio and gallery space. It needs a little paint and some light fixtures that aren't florescent, but I dream of getting it all fixed up and hosting a few gallery shows, one being a show of just my work.

6. Have a booth at a fair. (Like how I misspelled it in my drawing? Go me.) Every year we have a art fair type of thing at our carnival. I schemed about having a booth this year, but I didn't have any idea what kind of products I would sell. Well now I've decided, so it's time to start producing!

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