Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pleased to meet'cha!
I figured since I've redesigned/moved my blog, it was about time I got some sort of about me out onto the internet. Does anyone else have trouble writing about me statements? I always feel like it's much easier to describe myself visually. So... here are some pictures that pretty much make up the base of who I am, and below are the explanations to go with them. :)

1. I'm a gamer! It's more of a casual pass-time than a intense way of life, but it is still immensely important to me. 
2. Drawing is like breathing to me. I can't go without it. The sketches you see above (paired with the way cool sunglasses) are mine.  I've got a Bachelors Degree with a focus in drawing. Drawing, playing video games, and reading are hands down my favorite things to do.  
3. I've worked at a library since I was in High School. I love everything about my job, something I'm sure you'll understand after I post about our the fantastic events we do for our Summer Reading program. 
4. The picture next to the books is my current lovely sunglasses (stolen from my little brother), and a lightsaber. Because every girl should keep a lightsaber in her purse. You know, just in case. I guess that picture also explains how much of a geek I am. Though in my defense, the lightsaber is from when I was a kid. If I bought one now, it would be Luke's, because his is blue, and I love blue.
5. As you have probably guessed from the picture, I live in the Middle of Nowhere. Even though I'm pretty sure our town should be voted "most likely to be where the zombie apocalypse started," I can't complain much. It's pretty here. (How much in the middle of nowhere is my town, you ask? The nearest Super Wal-Mart is an hour away.)
6. And that's my cat, Odin. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people, but I try to limit myself to one photo of the cat doing cute things per day, and I hardly ever put them on the internet. Except for that whole album on my facebook... 

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