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Monday, July 16, 2012

The artist that I want to show you today is Alberto Seveso. Seveso does a lot of design work that transforms humans into beautiful works of lines and smoke using photoshop, and some pretty cool typography work. My favorite of all his works, though, is the "a Due Colori" series. 

Seveso's site says that these pieces are "high speed photographs of ink mixing with water." All I know is, whenever these pictures pop up on my dashboard (which is quite a bit) I just want to jump in and take a nap in the middle of all of that. It looks like the softest silk ever known to man. 
The detail of the shots is breathtaking, and the composition is unconventional while still highlighting the subject. What really makes these pieces stand out, though, is the vibrant colors on the off-white background. It's calming and energetic at the same time, and so full of motion that if you look away for two seconds you swear that it moved.

Artist's portfolio: Alberto Seveso

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