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Monday, July 23, 2012

Okay, when I say the words "space quilts" what do you think of? Probably something monocromatic and simple. A blanket of stars and a moon, maybe. 
Well this week's artist is Jimmy McBride, and his quilts, featuring gorgeous views of space, are anything but monochromatic. According to his website, McBride works "for an shipping company called 'intergalactic transport'"  He even has an explanation for his odd choice of medium: "there's a lot of time to kill up here so i downloaded a grandma program and she's been teaching me how to quilt. there's no 'log cabins'or 'poinsettias' around so i just stare out the window until something catches my eye."

Even if you don't know what his quilts represent, the work is beautiful. He color and pattern choices are magnificent, and the pieces are put together in an incredibly complex way. I've never actually made a quilt, but I've watched my mother piece together a few, so I have an idea of the kind of work that can go into a piece like this. Usually quilts are highly geometric, so the overall organic look of these quilts is a wonderful break from the mold. At $10,000 per quilt (which I think is a totally fair price), I don't think I'll be owning one any time soon, but it sure does inspire me.

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