ombre valentines pancakes

Monday, February 11, 2013

...because yum.

I got this red velvet pancake mix from Walmart and, inspired by this post from A Beautiful Mess, I decided my life needed some ombre pancakes.

The ombre effect was pretty easy to make. I just started with the red velvet mix, made a few pancakes, then poured in some normal pancake mix until I got a pink I wanted. Made a few more pancakes, then added more normal pancake batter. Seeing a pattern? Stack them up and serve them with some syrup. Or maybe a little icing?

As for the taste, you really can't go wrong with pancakes. The red ones were a little dense, but that was just because I mixed them for too long. The red velvet is very subtle, so don't expect extreme flavors. The colors came out very nicely, though, and that makes it a perfect breakfast for Valentines day. :]

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