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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The etsy shop LoriAnn Costume Designs sells all sorts of pretty things, including corsets that have hoods. Hoods! I really want to get a Night Circus inspired dress, with all sorts of black and white stripes, and bustle, and a corset, and a hood... sigh.

I've been wanting to get into the box subscription thing for a while, but hadn't found one that really floated my boat (aka seemed worth the price). Until I found Art Snacks. They send you new art supplies every month! I am seriously considering this.

I've been obsessively checking my tumblr to get updates on a story called Blind Sided by a simmer known as Berry. The picture above is from that story!

I absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence, and all of the awkward things she does. I really hope she never changes.

I showed you some great spartans when I wrote my Halo 4 post, and I found some more cosplay that blew me away. This Sarah Kerrigan cosplay by Tasha is unbelievable  The detail on her face alone is enough to frighten small children... and maybe me.

They made Hearthstone candies on Nerdy Nummies!

Directions (and print outs) to make your own Doctor Who Guess Who game! I'm making this as soon as I find a Guess Who game at a thrift store.

I think it's my new life mission to stay the Surf Lodge in New York one day. These pictures taken by the photographers at Ann Street Studio make me want to be there so bad.

I love it when people make things out of recycled skateboards. They're just so colorful! I'm really wanting everything from this shop.

Cute bedding that looks like it's been painted? Yes please.

What have you been into this week?

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