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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm going to C2E2 this weekend, and I'm very excited, so I'm putting that on my list. :] Extra excited, actually, since I'm going to be seeing Kevin Smith, and hopefully Felicia Day as well this year. Woo!

Love this rendition of You're All the World to Me done by the people on Glee. Those harmonies are so amazing. They leave me with chills.

I already loved the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (cause basically if you start talkin about the apocalypse  I'm gonna be hooked) and then I saw the music video and knew I HAD to share it on my ten things. So unique! I also found a really cool fan-made music video featuring the creation of Master Chief.

I can't get enough of the Harry Potter world, so sometimes I read a little fan fiction to get my fix. This story is about the wizarding afterlife, and it is AMAZING. A whole new (and more mature) take on the Harry Potter characters. I doesn't read like fan-fiction, either.  I couldn't put it down. 

My sister pinned this photograph for me, and I'm in love with it. So many colors!

Not only are these blankets super cute, they also have a message weaved into them. Awesome.

This bedroom is so adorable. I want to cuddle up in that tepee and read.

This graphic designer colored on his child's lunch bag almost every day since 2008. Man, I hope I'm that cool of a parent when I have kids.

I really want a Poloroid camera. Like this one. I'm making it a goal this summer to get my hands on one and take some awesome pictures with it. Whenever I do, this site will be handy. They have film for old cameras, the kind you can't get anywhere else. Score!

This eclectic farmhouse is so vibrant and colorful! I will defiantly be drawing inspiration from it when it comes to decorating my place.

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