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Friday, May 17, 2013

The bunnies that my Mom got for her preschool are so adorable. I love visiting them.
My sister's art class did a painting together. Crazy abstract. Woo!
We have so many Goosebump books at the library. They never go out of style, it's crazy.
Grocery shopping means Odin gets a new fort.

Baby birds were found outside the library today. We think that the mom is still taking care of them.
The road on the way to my boyfriends house is beautiful no matter what the season.
We have this little shed by our house, and I always thought it looked like a princess cottage.
Spring means discovering what plants I have at my new house. So far we're sure that I've got mint and tulips. I want to know what these are, though!

I made a flower crown at an event a few weeks ago, and I decided I wanted to look like a princess the other day.
My totally romantic pick up line on my boyfriend's fridge.
I watched the eclipse in Australia online the other day. Isn't the internet ridiculous?
Stars leggings. :]

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