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Monday, November 25, 2013

If you're any sort of geek you've probably already seen Megan Lara's work somewhere. And by somewhere, I mean everywhere. This girl's work is constantly featured on sites like teefury and ript apparel. And for good reason. She is another example of a person who can paint with a computer the way masters use paintbrushes. AKA someone who's skills I am totally jealous of.

Stunning colors, beautiful details, and smooth shading make up the bulk of her work. With lots of pieces representing many fandoms, she has quickly become popular. (But not so popular that she can't walk around con floors. I swear I saw her at C2E2 last year!) But her skill is what really makes her worth the fame. Her art nouveau series is my favorite, but she does many other beautiful works, so be sure to check out her gallery, and her shop!

Oh, and did I mention she can look almost exactly like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who?

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