Library League: Superhero Training

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Every other Wednesday we do an after-school program that's a little more hands on than your basic story hour. We always try to think of an over-arching theme that will tie into our summer reading theme, but this year we were drawing a blank. Until someone said we should do something called the "Library League." We instantly decided that it was too cool not to use.

And for our first Library League program, we thought it would be appropriate to do superhero training. So we rounded up a group of recruits, and put them through the test. First they had to select a costume from our prop box, and put it on inside of a phone booth (which, funnily enough, kinda looks like it could be a time machine as well...)

Then they had to run through the obstacle course, leap over buildings, and destroy a tower. The last step was to practice using their web-slinging skills to take down some of the notorious "Book Bandits."

After they completed their training, they each got to customize their own masks. 

Our heroes passed with flying colors, and were very excited to go through the test again and again.

This program was really easy to put together. You can make an obstacle course out of anything if you put your mind to it. The "web" was silly string, and the masks were just made with patterns found on the web. They did take a bit of time to cut out though, because eye holes are hard to get at with scissors. So be prepared for that.

As for books, we just pulled anything that had to do with comics or superheros. We were really using this as a chance to promote our graphic novel section, because it's relatively new and growing very quickly.

Lots of fun for all involved and relatively stress-free, this program is defiantly one we'll be repeating.

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