New Year's [Plumbob inspired] Pinata

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I like to have fun on my new years, so I try to do new projects to celebrate. Last year I made some cupcakes which turned out... unique. This year I did something much less time consuming, and made a pinata! And not just any old pinata. This pinata doubles as a plumbob!

Things you need: 
Toilet paper rolls, or old wrapping paper rolls // confetti // candy
tissue paper // masking tape // scotch tape // graph paper
pencil or marker // scissors

  1. Make a very long triangle for your pattern. Keep in mind the eventual shape while drawing this out. Using graph paper makes this super easy, but I suppose with a ruler you could also use just regular line paper.
  2. Trace it onto your cardboard. I found that the wrapping paper tube will rip a bit, but its not really going to effect your project much in the end. The great thing about triangles is you can nestle them in with each other.
  3. Cut your triangles out. The great thing about this project is that your cuts don’t have to be razor precise. As long as you’ve got the basic angles, everything should be all right. You can see in my example that one of my corners is cut off. No big deal. Tape fixes everything. And then you’ll have an army of triangles. (In this case, for the shape we’re making, our army is 12 strong).
  4. Now its time to construct our shape. We’re going to use 6 pieces for the top, and 6 for the bottom, taping them together on the long side first. Lay the tape underneath and place the triangles a few millimeters apart. If it helps, try drawing out a picture first to help yourself know what goes where.
  5. Once you’ve gotten everything together and reinforced, show off your beautiful creations. Congratulations, you’ve created a Madonna bra. Or some mountains.
  6. Add some tape to the side you think is the strongest, to connect the two pieces. I guess not everyone wants to be Madonna. That’s cool, neither did I.
  7.  Fill up one side with your goodies! This is the messiest step. It might be best to do it over a trash can or a tray or something. Also, if you’re putting in some candy, make sure to sample it. Wouldn’t want to poison anyone.
  8. Time to tape around the edges, connecting the two. The last step was the messiest, and this is the most annoying. If you’re anything like me, eventually the thing will collapse a little. Don’t worry, it will all be hidden by fringe in the end.
  9. Add your string. I taped it down with the end hanging an inch out, and then flipped it up and taped it again. That seemed to work decently well. Also, you could do this step anytime after step 5… though I wouldn’t suggest doing it right after step 8. Could be problematic.
  10. Tape on the fringe. I feel like this should have more pictures. I covered the bottom tip first, by winding around a strip of the paper I was using. Then I wound my way up to the top, adding a piece of scotch tape to every side of the shape. When I got to the middle, I had to add another piece of whole paper to the bottom of the top cone, so I could preserve the geometric-ness of the shape.
  11. Enjoy! I actually bought a dollar Lego set to put in with the confetti, so when we busted it open we had to go on a hunt for pieces, and then construct the vehicle without instructions. Totally worth it.

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