C2E2 round up (6 months later...)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Obviously this isn't going to be a really detailed description, but I couldn't just leave my photos sitting around in my folder, so I'm uploading them anyways. 
C2E2 took place on April 21st this year, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Every year I swear the con doubles in size, which is totally awesome.

The cosplay this year was the best it's been so far. I know I just said this, but it so awesome to watch this con grow. They had a huge cosplay contest (the prize was $10k!), and the people that entered were scary talented.

Megazords, ??, Codex, Borderlands, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, and a clockwork robot from Doctor Who.

Spartans, Cortana, Nightcrawler, Bioshock, Deadpool, Attack on Titan, and Starcraft.

Me as Kaylee from Firefly, checkin out the TARDIS' engine. 

And here's my haul! 
The Walking Dead Volume One (signed by Tony Moore)

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