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Thursday, January 8, 2015

I knew from the beginning that I was going to design my own invites, because it's just the kind of project I love doing. The invitations are really the first time people get a feel for the wedding, and I wanted my invites to really reflect my vision for the wedding: a bit of country, a bit of fun, and a bit of beauty.  I had been really awe-struck by this invite from Sheri McCulley Studios, so I used that as inspiration for my own design.

One thing that really stuck with me about the other invite was the uniqueness of the shape. My mom has a die-cutter, so we searched for a cut that would work, and found this gorgeous set. She got it ordered, and I went to work designing using the dimensions listed.

There were a few things I kept in mind when designing the suite. I wanted a casual feel, so I chose a font that wasn't too stuffy looking (Matilde and Lavanderia). I knew I had a lot of information that needed to be included, so I added a lot of different pieces. I've had trouble printing on both sides in the past, so I chose to have the back be a photo of me and my fiance, taken by Kinsey Mhire, so I wouldn't have to worry about cropping. And I knew that I needed to make few design elements that  could be repeated throughout the wedding. This in mind, I came up with a rough design.
After trying a few variations out, it was time to go to a craft store to get the paper (one of my favorite parts. I love buying paper!) We ended up getting card stock, this brown textured paper, and this off-white paper that was a little shiny. We brought the paper back, I finalized the design and we printed out 200 or so copies of each of the three elements. Then we used the die-cut to cut out the designs, which was by far the most painstaking and tedious part. (But you should have seen my muscles afterwards!) Finally we threaded the ribbon through, stapled it, and put it into the envelope, breathing a sigh of relief as every envelope was sealed.

Thinking back... were the invitations a TON of work? Yes. Would I do them again, exactly the same way? No. Do I think they were gorgeous and worth every single second I put into them? Yes. Undoubtedly. They are some of the most gorgeous invites I've ever seen.

If these designs are something you'd be interested in having for your own event, please contact me at 

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