wedding stuff: the Tables [part two]

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just wanted to show you guys some behind the scenes photos of the work that went into the reception on my end.

The first mock table! Even  this one looks super cute... in my humble opinion.

I loved putting together these favors. Adam and I decided at the beginning that we wanted the favors to be fun, cheap, and something we made together. So we bought all of the supplies, put the pumpkin seeds in all the pretty little envelopes (So people could "watch our love grow," because he proposed with a pumpkin, get it? aaah... yeah.), bagged everything up, stamped and stapled them all by ourselves. I even drew a little piece of art to go in each of the bags!

One of my favorite memories from my preparations is the day my maid of honor came to help me do some projects. It took us all day to dye those pieces of fabric, which we later cut apart for the napkins. It's not that it was really time consuming... we just tend to get distracted, haha.

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