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Monday, August 31, 2015

CJ Hendry is one of those artists that takes my breath away every single time she gives a glimpse of her newest pieces on instagram. Her photo-realistic art is at a level that most can only dream of attaining. She does large scale pieces of odd things that usually have to do with the fashion world: a scarf, Hermes plates, a zebra that is branded by Louis Vuitton. These things are usually displayed with an unforgettable twist (literally, I guess, when it comes to the scarf). The result is a piece of art that is quirky but still quite mature, and wonderful. Oh so wonderful.

CJ must have stock in pen companies, because she uses them by the hundreds to color these huge pieces. Painstakingly using a stippling approach to cover the massive paper inch by inch, she fills in the blackest sections first, then using her crisp reference photos to lay out the rest of the shading.

Hendry on the web:

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