DIY: Kitty Housewarming Gift

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Your first cat can be a weird pet to get. They don't come with the hassle that a puppy does, but that doesn't mean they don't have their own challenges. Often when people get their new kitties, they go shopping for the adorable pet accessories. The daybed (which they will only use when you aren't supplying a "book bed"), the cat tree (aka the couch's superhero), or the cute collar (which will only be worn when you remember to put it on, which in my case is never). What they forget to buy is the paper towels (for when the cat knocks off your glass while staring at you in a threatening way), the air freshener (because you can't always get to the litter box right away), the band-aids (they will always find a way to scratch you. always.), or the lint roller (sometimes you swear you could create another cat with the hair that attaches itself to your clothes).

This is where you, as a veteran cat owner,  (or someone who read this post) swoop in to save the day. I present: the Kitty Sanity Kit.
 I put this together for a friend when they got their first kitten. It's all practical items, and they weren't expensive. I figured it would make a cute and thoughtful gift that they could use, whether it be for the cat or in every day life.

Included in my kit:
paper towels
disinfectant wipes
band aids
air freshener
a lint roller

And I've also made a cute little tag, in case you don't feel like making your own. Just save the image below and print it on whatever you have handy!

Is there anything else you'd include in the kit? Leave your ideas below! 

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