C2E2 Artist Alley Round Up: Part 2

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This post comes bearing the gift of more artists to drool over! This collection is a bit more ecclectic than the last one, but the artists are still every bit as talented. If any of them catch your eye, make sure to click the link and check out all of their work!

The work of Dailen Ogden is basically the epitome of "urban fantasy," and I am so into that. The line work is clean, leaving you free to notice all of the details. And the details are certainly worth noticing. 


I walked by the table of Jellykoe about 5 times, and every time I couldn't take my eyes off their plushies. They were weird and kind of gross and very colorful, so basically everything I like. I couldn't afford some of their stuffed goodness, but I could afford a comic, and on the last night I gave in and got one.


The work of Jusscope is one part eye catching, one part super complicated, and a dollop of vintage. With a lot of very professional fan art for some of my favorite titles, I had to share. These are the kinds of things you want hanging on your wall.


Last up is Gillian Newland. So often you find fan art that is cartoony. Lovely, but not something you'd hang on the walls in, let's say, your fancy dining room. Gillian's work is something you'd gladly hang on your walls. In a golden frame. Even if it is from Spirited Away. Yeah, it's that lovely.


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