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Friday, July 22, 2016

This song is a remix of the Undertale soundtrack (which is a cool video game with some interesting plot choices), and it features some vocals at the end that are just A+.

Do You Yoga is a wonderful, slick, and happy site with yoga tutorials that embraces how unique and varied the yoga community actually is. Or, for days you're feeling grumpy, Rage Yoga is a class where you can become "zen as f."

Whenever I get a couple of days free, I'm going to travel down to The Golden Girl Rum Club in Springfield, MO. I mean, look at that sign. And their menu has the happiest drinks I've ever seen.

This mural painted by the Oh Joy! team is so amazingly inspiring. I've been thinking about adding some colors to one of my rooms, and this just sealed the deal.

I am super into this multicolored hair trend. It looks good all over, hidden, or even as roots!

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