Ten [for 12 months and under] Things

Monday, November 26, 2018

I love making these ten things posts, and I realized the other day that it had been a while. I was sitting on the floor in the nursery (because that's what I do with most of my free time now) trying to think of a topic when I realized I was literally surrounded by one. 

So, here you go. A list of the ten things Ronan and I both love the most.


1 - You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan - This was consistently one of Ronan's favorite books. He still lights up when we read it to him.

2 - Very Hungry Caterpillar Sounds and Projector - First off, there is no AC adapter that comes with this. The box is a liar. Beyond that, we love this thing. We turn it on every night to help establish that it's time to sleep. We've been using it for about nine months and have only had to replace the batteries once. 

3 - Zebra Lovey from Oh, Joy! for Target - Okay, maybe this one is more for me. Ronan hasn't really gotten attached to anything for bedtime (besides the pacifiers...) but I still think this is the cutest.

4 - Atom Rattle and Teether from Manhatten Toys - When Ronan really started manipulating things and trying to work them out I knew I needed to get him something a little more complicated than a plastic ball. This toy fits the bill.

5 - Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn, Game and Learn Controller - This toy we mainly bought just to keep our sanity. Ronan will sit next to his dad and watch the TV while pushing the buttons sometimes, and my heart melts. 

6 - Cat Multisensory Teething Toy from Skip Hop - This is one of those crazy toys where when I look at it all my brain thinks is "there's just so much going on!" But Ronan loves it. This is the toy I attach to the stroller for long walks.

7 - Mula Building Blocks from Ikea - In Ronan's opinion, the blocks in this are just okay. But that wagon is pretty much the best thing to ever happen. 

8 - Textured Ball Set from Infantino - These are a super simple but fun and colorful addition to our nursery. We introduced these pretty early on and he still plays with them.

9 - Stick and See Spin Wheel from Infantino - These are crucial to have when you're alone at home and you just need the kid to entertain himself so you can at least go pee. Put him in the high chair and attach this to the tray, viola, instant entertainment. 

10 - Hippopposites by Janik Coat - I am constantly bringing board books home from work. This was the first board book that Ronan really became attached to, so we bought a copy for ourselves.

And, because I wanna make sure you know that I know what I'm talking about (haha), here are some pictures of Ronan using the things. This is how you really know what his favorite toys are... they're constantly popping up on his Instagram grid. Especially the Cupcakes book, it is in no less than 6 pictures.

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