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Thursday, May 16, 2019

This apartment feature of the home of  Naomi Kahn on Man Repeller has me swooning. Can we just talk about that "we're all mad" neon light? As if I needed another reason to want one!

This felt children's book made by Elsie on A Beautiful Mess is so freaking creative. The tutorial looks pretty simple, too. We are currently letting the Monster's hair grow, so maybe I'll make like a ... glam metal, elf boy, Viking version of it. 

Charleston, SC is on my list of places to visit. With some of my favorite artists calling the town home, I knew the art scene there has to be so amazing. My thoughts gathered further proof when I found this tour of a gorgeous coffee shop attached to the Gibbes Museum of Art. I want to leave, like, now.

I'm vowing now, the moment we move into a house big enough to house it, I'm getting a Nugget Comfort set. My child already bounces off every piece of furniture we have in the house. I might as well buy some pieces specifically for that purpose.

This balloon chandelier by Oh Happy Day has basically set the whole tone for my birthday daydreams this year. 

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