Mood Board: Winter Wonderland Porch

Thursday, December 19, 2019

My Christmas decor tends to be on the VERY colorful side. Think classic tree with colorful retro mid-century vibes, and a tad bit of Tim Burton thrown in.  This year, though, all of the images that were appealing to me were simplistic, white, and very... homey. Instead of throwing out all of the decorations I've been collecting for the last five years, I decided to decorate the one room of my house that is a bit of a blank slate: my front porch.

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I had been collecting images on Pinterest for a while. So, after letting these images swirl around in my brain a little bit, and maaaybe after drawing a sketch that had all the vibes, I built a mood board.

I knew, right off the bat, that there was at least one thing I could simply DIY. I dove headfirst into making those garlands, but instead of using felt I used white paper. I layered a few sheets at a time and freehand cut what were basically vines with leaves sticking out on either side, then taped the strands together. It took about all of Muppet Christmas Carol to cut and tape them all.

Because this is a drafty old porch in the Midwest I decided to make it more comfy with an abundance of blankets, faux furs, and a hot chocolate bar. Having so many layered textures and natural tones make me warm just looking at it. Man, now I want some more blanket cuddles and hot chocolate. Maybe we can do that tomorrow morning. Hot chocolate for breakfast is acceptable as long as Mom says it's okay, right?

I go through this space every single day, more than once. Usually, it's full of coolers and tables and trikes and trucks (oh so many trucks). It gets ignored a lot. But dang, a little attention goes a long way. Honestly (and a bit amazingly) this was pulled together with just stuff I have around my house.

The only things I bought were that buffalo plaid blanket (which I had been eyeing and was a steal on Amazon) and that tiny little tree. Isn't he so cute? The whole transformation took about an hour total, and I can't believe how completely worth it it was. Now, whenever I walk through this space I feel like I'm walking in my own Winter Wonderland.

And here's the little sketch I made before any of this started. It all began with a doodle of the monster waiting for his Grandma on the porch. I couldn't stop thinking about his little feet sticking out of that blanket! Anyways, tell me if you think I did the concept justice!

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