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Saturday, March 14, 2020

I searched high and low for the perfect teapot for this list and MAN am I glad I did. I now have a new watched search on eBay.

I started this list because I realized that there were some teas that I wanted to share with the world. Birthday Cake from David's Tea gets the top spot, because it's the first flavored tea I bought. The sprinkles in this tea add such a fun, sweet surprise.

I love this Bavarian Wild Berry Black Tea from Lipton. It comes in these neat triangle bags that make you feel so fancy! Sadly, I think this tea has been discontinued. I am currently hoarding a box of it in my cabinet, like some kind of tea dragon.

Add any butterfly pea flower to a green-based tea and all a sudden you have this gorgeous teal color.  Blue Moon Tea is one of those that gets the balance just right for a truly magnificent color. When a friend introduced me to this I felt like all of my dreams had come true.

Now that I'm looking at this list I want to do a tea flight, but with a rainbow of tea. The red hue in my rainbow is definitely created by Tazo's Passion Tea. It's got a great flavor, but with no caffeine. Hello, night time tea!

And one of my favorite things is when people brew teas to match my favorite characters. Malfoy Tea Emporium on Etsy has wonderful tea mixes for all of my treasured fictional people. I personally have Rhysand (love my dark brooding leads) and Karou (my favorite leading lady of all time. She would definitely approve of this list.)

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