Putt Putt Golf at Home!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Today I am showing you guys an adorable printable pack that I am thrilled to share. With this pack, you will able to create one of my favorite activities right in your own back yard, driveway, or living room! So what has me so excited? I am talking about the ultimate vacation sport: Putt Putt Golf.

This pack includes flags for 12 holes, including a page for the back of the flags, and scorecards for courses that have 3, 6, 9, or 12 holes. I wanted to make sure that even people with small spaces could have a scorecard for a simple 3 hole course.

When we put together our flags we used sticks that we found around the yard, but it would work just as well with pencils, or even taped to a chair. For our holes we used paper cups, and the obstacles were just things we had around the house. You can create barriers with bricks, cups, or even rolled up towels.

My parents have a huge yard, and I'm dreaming of how cool it would be to host a party where everyone came up with their own putt putt hole. I think ours would have to be dinosaur themed. What would yours look like?

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