Dot-to-Dot Reading Tracker Bookmark

Monday, January 15, 2024

I am a huge fan of reading trackers. I just love being able to check off a box, and when I get to do it for something I already enjoy it's a real treat! I'm always looking for a new format of tracker to keep things fun for our readers, so for our printable this week I've created three bookmarks that are a dot-to-dot reading tracker. You can find the link to this PDF at the bottom of the post!


To fill this reading tracker out you will be paying attention to how much time you've read, rather than how many books. This type of tracking tends to be more rewarding for our readers who are working their way through one big book, rather than many small ones. Of course, the time spent reading doesn't have to be in one big chunk. Just track each 5 minutes as you go, or time yourself, and then fill it out after you've read for a while!

Click here to download the Dot-to-Dot Reading Tracker Bookmark PDF!

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