DIY Dominoes

Monday, February 26, 2024

Dominoes was one of the first games Ronan really loved. We've made many DIY versions of it, including these magnetic ones. I love it when my kid gets to put their own personal spin on games, so I thought I would make a simple printable so you could do the same! You can download the PDF of this printable at the bottom of the page!

The most complicated part of creating your own dominoes is making sure you have a full set. That means you have doubles and one of each element for another element. So if you choose to use colors, you would have a red red, a red orange, a red yellow, a red green, and a red purple. Then you would repeat that process for all of the other colors. I made a little chart to hopefully help explain.

With this printable you should be able to make a set with 6 different elements. You can use dots, like normal dominoes, or get creative and use shapes, colors, patterns, etc. The options are limitless!

Click here to download the DIY Dominoes PDF!

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