Inspire Me: Peony Yid

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The artist I am featuring today is "An amateur artist/illustrator trying to make my way" who comes to us from Hong Kong. Her name is Peony Yin. How cute is that? I fell in love when I first saw Peony's work on my dashboard on tumblr. Her use of negative space combined with her love for soft colors and her understanding of human anatomy make her pieces hard to resist. Her subject matter ranges from adorable and inviting portraits to ones with subjects that almost seem to be trying to push you away. She uses a wide variety of tools to create her pieces, and has a brilliant understanding of all of them. The piece I am showing is the one that I personally would love to own. If you like this artists work, please check out her portfolio.

Again, this artist is Peony Yip.

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