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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GORGEOUS Portal fanart done by Alex Garner

Yes, I know that Portal 2 has been out forever. I'm ridiculously stubborn when it comes to video games. Even if all of my friends are telling me to try them, I won't do it until I'm good and ready. Also, just to keep things honest, I haven't played through the original Portal yet. What can I say? I'm a sucker for games with a female lead.

Portal is one of those games that I don't think you need to be a "Gamer" to enjoy. To win you have to use your portal gun (just like it sounds, you can create two portals, then hop through one and come out the other) to play through these puzzles that are weaved into an extraordinary story-line. The puzzles are just complicated enough to make you think, and they give you a sense of satisfaction when you figure them out. The snippets of dialog from your companions had me laughing constantly, and the twists in the plot are fantastic, if not a little predictable sometimes. There are a few things I didn't see coming... like the thing with the potato. Plus, you get to dive into a portal from ridiculous heights, only to be thrown through the corresponding portal and soar though the air for hundreds of feet. Whats not to love?

My favorite Portal etsy finds:

If you want to BE Chell:
This tank top, this hoodie, this portal gun, these socks, these shoes, this lanyard, this potato science kit.

On a slightly different but still related note, check out this post by Aisha Tyler. It slaughters stereotypes about girls and gaming. Very inspiring.

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