Color Run St. Louis

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I walk/ran in the Color Run this last weekend. It was AMAZING. If my skin could be rainbow-y all the time, life would be amazing. Maybe skin color wouldn't even matter if we were all incredibly colorful. This should be a thing. (Very Capitol-like, yeah?)
Anyway! The Color Run is a 5k where they throw colorful powder at you at every kilometer mark. This run is seriously something everyone should do. They don't time it, so there's no pressure to push yourself harder than is safe. It IS a lot of powder everywhere, so you need to be careful about breathing. I hear breathing is important...
And then there's a huge party at the finish. Everyone gets to throw their own powder packet. People sing along to "Call Me Maybe." You get very rainbow-y. Apparently I am very eloquent today.

So yeah, Color Run. It's amazing. I love it, I want to go again next year. Would you run/walk with me?

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