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Saturday, November 17, 2012

These watches were featured on a blog I read, and I instantly fell in love. So of course I donated to their kickstarter. If you like their style, you should donate too. They're quite a bit below their goal right now, but I'm hoping that doesn't last long!

I love this Kate Spade ipad sleeve. I'm usually not into glitter, but it's just so colorful!

Isn't that such a great idea for bobby pins? Sleek, stylish, but still artfully awesome. 

This infograph shows the numbers of just how many gamers get girls. It kind of shatters stereotypes. I kind of think that's awesome.

Oh Joys' make someone happy project is one of my favorite things on the web these days. Such an awesome concept. (And yeah, I found different blogs to read. Crazy, huh?)

Bonus link! This paper globe pattern is so awesome. I can't wait to print one out for myself.

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