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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Someday I'll stop showing you Black Milk products, but it is not this day. It just fit with the whole literary theme so well!

This etsy shop sends out letters from Hogwarts that "got lost in the mail." It comes with a supplies list, an acceptance letter, and a letter from the Ministry of Magic explaining what happened. Everything is designed to match the feel of Harry Potter. The envelopes even have wax seals! I think these could really make a kid's dreams come true. Or, you know, an adult. Like me.

I am dreaming about having a pink Christmas tree. It's just so wonderfully tacky. I don't have space for a full sized one, but Target has a nice solution for me. So cute!

This shop has the greatest baby stuff.  It's cute, modern, and simple. Whoever I gave this stuff to would be the coolest baby on the block. Or maybe I'll just buy one of my friends an awesome little crown.

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