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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This was supposed to go up Monday. oops. :]

Here's a TON of sketches, because I haven't posted any since Feburary first (double oops). I did try to draw every day, but not every sketch has made it on here... and some of the sketches that have... well they're quick and sloppy and unfinished. But I've been consistent, I've been trying new things, and I've been learning. My  drawing professors would be proud.

skull with washi tape study // shaman // a girlified Lurtz cosplay // puppy! // tribal girl

self protrait // girl dancing // tribal spear thrower // twins

a study of curls // a back // perspective study

yarn study // an explorer // lines // girl riding a dinosaur (cause why not) // writing on the wall

I like drawing girls with skulls, feathers, war paint... dainty tomboys who've gone feral. I've been trying to do some more studies, because I feel like it will improve my art overall. Every few months I have to sit and draw a few people from references, or nothing I draw looks right. Arms too short, legs too long, joints bending in ways that even a contortionist couldn't manage...

A lot of these pictures have stories attached, so hopefully they'll turn into something bigger. Ideas are flowing, and this project is already proving useful. :]

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