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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's snowing. I dislike winter, I dislike being cold, but when I'm cuddled up in my room with snowflakes swirling outside, I can't even pretend to be grumpy. Also, I've been excited about these ten things links for two weeks now. So, in turn, I'm even more excited to share them with you (finally!).

I've seen a lot of different services to print instagram photos, but Origrami is my favorite so far. Their package design and prints are so amazing that I've actually been posting on my instagram. (My username is kewtfase.)

Wreck it Ralph cookies on Nerdy Nummies. I loved that movie. I tired to make my own version for my Valentine. 

Gold star for trying?

This is such a gorgeous igloo. I'd leave the safety of my cozy house to hang out in this thing, and that's sayin a lot.

This is the best kids room EVER. A secret passage? A painting to spy out of? And all with a sleek, modern, quirky design? Forget kids, I want this room for myself!

This colorful house is  ridiculously inspiring. I pretty much love every part, but this gray sunken room with colorful accents is my favorite part.

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