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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All right, usually I do this on Monday, but it's Tuesday, so that means it's TWOS-day! ... Yeah? Okay, not funny. Got it.

Today I wanna show you guys two studios, both which I love for the same reason, their hand-lettering on photographs. This is a trend that I was kinda unsure about at first, but then I found the photograph I've featured below (which is a collab between the two), and I was hooked.

The first artist is Zachary Smith, a 21 year old that's doing some amazing things with letters. His design work is quickly getting noticed, and for good reason. I love the "old" feel of everything he does.

The second is the studio Dfunkt Designs. They have a more flow-y typography feel than Smith, but I honestly like their work more. Borrowing from inspiration from the old to bring it into the new, they play with form, patterns, and font. So awesome.

Links for Zachary Smith:

Links for Dfunkt Designs:

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