Best. Halloween. Ever.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

aka "The Pumpkin that Changed My Life"

The last week of October was a crazy week. And the craziest day, by far, was Halloween. I had some serious drama going on that day, and I couldn't focus for the life of me. It was one of those days where you're getting your work done, but only barely because your head is in a totally different place. It helped that in the middle of the day my boyfriend texted me and told me that he had left two carved pumpkins on my porch. It was my first Halloween in the new house, and with my crazy schedule I hadn't had time to carve any pumpkins, so I really appreciated it.

My day brightened up when it came time to hand out candy. I've been living in the country since I was 6, so I've never really gotten to do the whole "porch light on" thing. I took advantage of having a house on a great street, and left my light on for the whole two hours. There were so many adorable costumes! And when it was raining I gave the kids two boxes of nerds, because you know those were the hard core trick-or-treaters.

But back to the pumpkins. I tried to light them my boyfriend dropped off during the day to see what the carvings were, but I couldn't figure it out. So I left it until it was darker, then lit them again. This time, I instantly understood.

You see, while we were up in Minnesota I found a book called Boris and Bella that I had never seen that was illustrated by my favorite illustrator Gris Grimly. I bought it on a whim, and after reading through it I had to show my boyfriend. It was a story about a grotesquely grimy girl, and a meticulously clean man. Pretty much the story of me and his life. (Yeah, I'm grimy. Wanna make something of it?)
So yeah, I was pretty excited about those pumpkins. 

Then when my boyfriend got off work (at about 11:30) he came in holding another pumpkin...

Before he even showed me the front I knew what it said, and I started laughing because it had been a crazy day, and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was so happy. Poor guy. Eventually I got it together and said yes. Later, I even carved my answer for him.

It was fun to go to his house the next day and see all of the work he put into the proposal. I was so impressed. Heck, I still can't believe he put this much thought and care into it. I was blown out of the water. (So was everyone on my facebook, haha!) We had fun baking up the pumpkin seeds to give to our parents. And we even saved some back. So maybe next year we'll have engagement pumpkins!

So that's the story of how a pumpkin changed my life. It was the most creative proposal I've seen in a long time, and just perfect for us.

Oh and PS.... Gris Grimly totally retweeted a pic of the pumpkins. How super awesome is that?


  1. What a wonderful engagement story. Congratulations! :D

    I've never seen Gris Grimly's work, but now I'm a fan.

    1. Thank you!

      And yay! Another Gris Grimly fan!


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