WIP Wednesday

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This girl never got a name. I was working with a deadline while I was creating her, so I was focused more on speed than anything. She was for a contest that's theme was "Call of the Wild." I entered because I though my feral girls were a perfect fit for this theme. She didn't win, but I'm glad I made her anyways. It's been a looong time since I have used acrylics, and I was overdue for a huge painting.

While I love the concept of this, there are a few things I would like to change. Placement, her hair... but that's the great thing about art, I can always go back and try again. For now, I'm satisfied. It was a good jump back into the world of acrylics, and a great challenge. A new medium, a new painting surface, and working with color, all three contributed to me thoroughly enjoying working on this. Even if I had to paint a billion strands of hair. 
Overall, this piece took about two to three weeks to complete, working whenever I had long gaps of free time.

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